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Webinar Recap | Aug 26 | Bay Area Residential Real Estate Market Overview

Despite the abrupt economic changes the COVID-19 has caused, the Bay Area real estate market made a strong recovery from the steep declines in the early 2020. Housing market activities are continuing to go back up, are these signs showing that the residential real estate market is moving gradually towards the pre-COVID level?

This week, our guest speaker, Angela Cheung, President of Pillar Capital Group shared with us on the following topics:

- Latest market updates on San Francisco and nearby counties

- Analytical report on listing price and number of sales

- Comprehensive market trend analysis in 2020

- Perspectives on new developments under the COVID-19 impacts

We hope our members and friends find this webinar useful. You are more than welcome to connect with our speaker, see her contact information below,

Angela Cheung


Pillar Capital Group

If you would like to obtain a copy of this presentation slides, please email your request to


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