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Webinar Recap | Aug 19 | Cyber Security and Risk Management

Cyberattacks are putting every business at risk, what if you are potentially exposed to cybersecurity threats, how you should protect your business from financial loss, information leakages, and legal liabilities?

This week, we had guest speaker, Travis Wong, Consulting Director, Risk Control at CNA hosting a virtual workshop. We looked into the cybersecurity impacts, risk management, and solutions from the insurance industry’s perspective, including:

- Current cybersecurity landscape

- How to manage and reduce cybersecurity risks

- Cybersecurity policy coverages and claims

- Cyber-threat exposures and prevalent attacks in different industries

We hope our members and friends find this webinar useful. You are more than welcome to connect with our speaker, see his contact information below,

Travis Wong

Consulting Director, Risk Control, CNA

Greg Arca

Small Business Sales Director, CNA



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