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Webinar Recap | Aug 12 | Cyber Security: Safeguard Your Business

Cybersecurity concerns arise with businesses in different sizes, especially when working from home is a new normal during the pandemic. Many reports show there has been a rapid increase in cyber threats since the outbreak of COVID-19, which has resulted in financial loss and information leakages.

We know that it is crucial to enable a secure workplace at home. This week, we invited our featured speaker, David Lam, Partner / CISO at Miller Kaplan Arase LLP to host an instructive virtual workshop and we talked about the following topics:

- COVID-19 impacts on cybersecurity issues

- How to identify potential cyber fraud

- A demonstration of a cyber attack

- Technical considerations for a secure workplace

We hope our members and friends find this webinar useful. You are more than welcome to connect with our speaker, see his contact information below,

For webinar recordings and materials, please click here.

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