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Napa, City of Wine, Fine Cuisine & Art | Day Trip on Oct 14

Napa, City of Wine, Fine Cuisine & Art

On October 14, HKANC Board had a gracious day trip to Napa, the world-famous wine county with wine tasting, wine tours, and Michelin star restaurants in Northern California. Chair Kory Lam, vice-chair Angela Cheung and Jacko Tsang, Director of Hong Kong Economic Trade Office in San Francisco, along with other board members, visited multiple leading businesses in Napa and Sonoma County, including the rich cultured Donum Estate and Empress M Restaurant. We also had the pleasure to meet the successful restaurateur and entrepreneur, Margaret Wong, who is originally from Hong Kong.

Angela Cheung (left 2), Kory Lam (left 4), and Jacko Tsang (center) along with other guests.

When Californians meets different cultures

During the day, the group visited the Donum Estate for an intimate wine tasting tour, an outstanding vineyard that combines natural Californian Landscape, Scandinavian heritage, and modern art. Ivonne Zhu, the founder of Appellations Cellar, later presented various wines and briefing of Napa/Sonoma wines farming and market.

The trip finished off with an exquisite Chinese fine-dining experience at Empress M. With over 30 years of experience cooking in the finest restaurants, Empress M thoroughly presented their cultivated vision through dedicated dishes and hospitality to our group.

Enjoying the delightful Chinese cuisine at Empress M Restaurant with the owner, Margaret Wong (top left 2)

We are delighted to connect with business owners and entrepreneurs and expand our network with friends in Napa and Sonoma. Napa, the true epitome of world-class wine and dining experience, and many inspirational stories behind businesses.


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