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Movie Screening of the Daughter of Hong Kong: ANITA | Nov 16

More than 30 members joined us at the HKANC Movie Screening, 梅艷芳 ANITA 電影 on November 16. It undoubtedly brings back the old memories of many Hongkongers and showcases the brilliant life story of Anita to audiences from different generations and backgrounds.

The Shining Star

Anita is an incredibly captivating movie, and it captured many spectacular moments of the legendary artiste, Anita Mui, also known as "The daughter of Hong Kong," in a 2-hour movie. Anita devoted her whole life to the stage, this movie showed various aspects of Anita, but it also walked the audiences through Hong Kong in the 80s and 90s. There were famous scenes of "Lai Yuen," "Dai Pai Dong," and signature "music concerts" shown in the movie.

We look forward to seeing more Hong Kong movies shining in the global film industry and hosting more movie nights in the future.


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