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Event Recap | May 30 | Exclusive Meeting with Under Secretary Joseph Chan for HKANC Members

On May 30, 2024, HKANC members attended an exclusive meeting with Under Secretary Joseph HL Chan of the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau (FSTB). The meeting featured a vibrant exchange of insights between Under Secretary Chan and the attendees on various topics, including the overall economic environment, and business opportunities in Hong Kong.

Mr. Chan also discussed the development of the financial market of Hong Kong, highlighting strong growth in the finance and banking sectors, focusing on facilitating hashtag#fundflows and attracting potential clienteles. He emphasized Hong Kong's status as a gateway to China and Asia, leveraging its hashtag#freetrade zone, hashtag#freeports, and unique financial system supported by the strong Hong Kong Dollar.

HKANC Chair, Brian Rowbotham, Board Members garry wong and Yvonne Go later discussed the Association's recent initiatives to attract students and hashtag#youngprofessionals from Hong Kong and Asia, hashtag#bridgegaps, and expand the professional network to include technology and innovation.

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