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Event Recap | HKANC AGM 2022: Now and Future!

HKANC last Thursday (12/15) held our 2022 Annual General Meeting at Harborview San Francisco and announced the elected Board of Directors for the coming 2023. More than 30 members and guests attended the meeting and celebrated the end of the year with a delicious dinner.

Grow and Inherit

HKANC 2022 Chair Kory Lam welcomed our Board of directors, executive committee members, members, and guests for their presence and announced the Board election result. While 2022 is Kory's last year as the Chair, she expressed her gratitude to all members for their support, especially during the challenging time of the pandemic.

She emphasized HKANC will continue to act as a platform to bring in more young talents to shine and collaborate and also to pass on and educate them with the experiences. In the 2020 Annual Gala, many guests enjoyed the Cantopop and classic music performance from the young talented duo - CMYL 前面有樂. In 2023, HKANC is proud to introduce the Dream Achievers, a music ensemble made up of talented young musicians with Autism who have participated in the Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN) music program.

With the majority votes for the candidates, HKANC welcomes the following elected Board of Directors for 2023—2025. We strongly believe their network and knowledge will bring many new ideas and enrich our community.

Our 2023 Officers shared their goals and ambitions to strengthen the HKANC community with the expanded footprints in South Bay, Napa, and Sacramento. They are very optimistic about the 2023 planning.

HKANC Board of Directors (2023 - 2025)

Meet Slate of Officers effective on January 1, 2023

  1. Chair, Brian Rowbotham, CPA, Consultant, RCO Global Consultaing LLC

  2. Co- Vice-Chair, Angela Cheung, President, Pillar Capital Group

  3. Co-Vice Chair, Margaret Wong, President & CEO, McWong International

  4. Treasurer, Oliver Ko, Managing Partner, Fong, Ko & Associates LLP

  5. Secretary, Anne Mak, Founder, Polaris Advisory

The following candidates who have been elected to run for their 1st 3yrs terms, 2023 – 2025

  1. Sonny Chan, Realtor, Sequoia Real Estate

  2. Lilly Huang, Managing Director & Private Banker

  3. Anne Mak*, Founder, Polaris Advisory

  4. Rene Moreno, Head of Corporate Sales, Americas, Cathay Pacific Airways

  5. Garry Wong, SVP & Regional Director, Consumer & Business Banking, East West Bank

  6. Matthew Yeung, First Vice President, Regional Manager, Cathay Bank

(*Current HKANC Director who are running for re-election of his/her 2nd 3 years term.)

HKANC: Now and Future

Brian Rowbotham (2023 Chair-elect) continued to talk about the 2023 planning. Brian reassured the Association's mission to provide a well-rounded platform, connect people and businesses, and act as a bridge between Hong Kong and Northern California. They invited everyone to join the effort and support our 39th Anniversary Gala on February 11, 2023, at Ritz Carlton. Every support and contribution counts.

2022 has been an eventful year for HKANC, with a series of online and in-person programs. Online events featured various trending topics, including immigration laws updates and cryptocurrencies. In June, the NUSHKBA community also hosted its first virtual national mixer to meet and greet fellow members across the states.

Besides the virtual platform, HKANC in-person events were well attended by members and guests, including the panel discussion in May co-hosted with HKETO, HKTDC, and Cathay Pacific Airways to discuss the latest Economic Outlook and Opportunities. HKANC was also pleased to welcome overseas guests, including Mr. Jack So and Dr. King Au, to share the newest air travel and business updates in Hong Kong with their members. In the summer, they hosted the signature Golf Fundraising event for talented students in Northern California. In addition, website and social media platforms are frequently updated with valuable resources and tools and featured events collaborating with different organizations.

Here are a few key statistics (updated on Dec 18):

  • HKANC hosted/co-hosted three virtual events and eight in-person events with over 550 attendees!

  • We have more than 200 Corporate members & Individual members in 2021.

  • More than 100 guests participated in the 2022 Golf Fundraising Tournament and raised over $420,000 since the scholarship program's inception and awarded $15,000 to five deserving students.

  • We are looking forward to the exciting program lineup in 2023!

Looking forward to 2023, HKANC will continue to offer programs and events that align with our mission, fostering closer economic, cultural, and academic ties between Hong Kong and Northern California and facilitating business opportunities for individuals and corporations interested in Greater China and its neighboring region.

To stay connected with HKANC, please visit our website at for the latest updates. Also, join or renew your membership to support the Association. Once again, we thank our Board of Directors, members, partner organizations, and friends for your continued support! We welcome all newly joined directors and appreciate the tremendous effort from 2022 Officers and Directors! Thank you for your leadership and support, more importantly, for bringing expertise, connections, and partnership to the Association.

We Appreciate You!


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