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Event Recap | HKANC AGM 2021: Now and Future!

HKANC yesterday (12/15) held our 2021 Annual General Meeting at W Hotel San Francisco and announced the elected Board of Directors for the coming 2022. More than 40 members and guests attended the meeting and exchanged business opportunities and insights.

New Talents. New Ideas.

HKANC Chair, Kory Lam welcomed our Board of directors, executive committee members, members, and guests for their presence and announced the Board election result. With the unanimous votes for the candidates, HKANC welcomes the following elected Board of Directors for 2022—2024, and we strongly believe their talent and knowledge will bring in many new ideas and enrich our community. Read bios here

THREE (3) Directors were elected to run for their 2nd three years term:

  1. Darius Chan, Partner, CCD Law Group

  2. Angela Cheung, Founder & President, Pillar Capital Group

  3. Cynthia Chow, Regional Vice President, KSSF Enterprises Ltd

ONE (1) New Director were elected:

  1. Margaret Wong, President & CEO, McWong International, Inc.

HKANC: Now and Future

Kory continued to highlight the accomplishments of HKANC throughout the year. In 2021, the Association has hosted/co-hosted 15 programs that offered three values: Connect. Educate and Give back.

Here are a few key statistics (updated on Jan 03):

  • HKANC hosted/co-hosted 11 virtual events and 5 in-person events with over 550 attendees!

  • We have more than 200 Corporate members & Individual members in 2021.

  • We've fundraised more than $400,000 since the scholarship program's inception and awarded $15,000 to five deserving students.

  • We've gained significant exposure and awareness through social media and the press with more than 750 followers, 1200+ newsletter subscribers, and 19600+ post and video views.

  • We strive to do better & reach out to more people in 2022!

Looking forward to 2022, HKANC will continue to offer programs and events that align with our mission, fostering closer economic, cultural, and academic ties between Hong Kong and Northern California and facilitating business opportunities for individuals and corporations interested in Greater China and its neighboring region.

Stay connected with HKANC, please visit our website at for the latest updates. Also, join or renew your membership to support the Association. Once again, a heartfelt thank you to our Board, members, partner organizations, and friends for your continued support! See you again in 2022!

Special thanks to,

- Attending Board of Directors: Kelvin Chan, Oliver Ko, Anne Mak

- Honorary Board of Directors: Cedric Chao, FCIArb, and Jacko Tsang

- Executive Committee: Wilson Lau, and Irene Riley

And the rest of the HKANC Board of Directors!

YOU are the reason for our success.


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